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1. Children welfare
  • Child-care center's registration.
  • Children entrustment items.
  • Life subsidy for children, Allowance for low income children’s nursery, Education subsidy or transportation subsidy for children with body and mind barrier and medical subsidy for growth slowly children.
  • Collecting post for homeless children.
  • Education subsidy and nursery allowance for single mother's children.
  • Professional person's training and discussion for children’s welfare.
  • Promote public child-care centre and other affairs.
  • The application, guidance and verification of children's welfare institution.
  • Notification, nursery, tracing and management for the growth slowly children.
  • Education ticket and insurance subsidy for children's safety.
  • Subsidy application, verification and policy promotion from Children department of Ministry of Interior.
  • Children's welfare law's formulation and publication.
  • Punishment for violating children's welfare law.
2. Youth welfare
  • Arrangement and protection of Youth welfare law.
  • Application and guidance for youth welfare service’s institution.
  • Promotion. Management, guidance and verification for youth welfare service centre.
  • Plan and practice for youth welfare's affairs.
  • Life subsidy for the youth.
  • Punishment for violating youth welfare law.
  • Consultancy service for young people’s problem.
  • Projection for young people’s recreational activities.
3. Empowering Children and Youths in Remote Districts with Wings of Hope — Houses of Hope Community Establishment Program in Tainan City

    In 2015, the Tainan City Government’s Bureau of Social Affairs initiated the program of “Houses of Hope — Care-taking Community Establishment for Children and Youths in Remote Districts in Tainan,” focusing on the Yanshui, Danei, Xigang, Dongshan, and Houbi Districts.
Through approaches of improving libraries and establishing community musical bands, art, and English classrooms, this program aims to enhance the development of knowledge in children and youths in remote areas, cultivate their abilities in multiple fields and increase their social competitiveness. The program has won the “Best Program of the Year” in 2015, commended by social work professionals in Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung areas.

I.Implementation period: From September 1 of 2015 to December 31 of 2016

II.Service target: Children or youths from underprivileged families

III.The establishment of Houses of Hope Community aims to provide the following services:

  1.  Establishment of community libraries for children and youths

1)To supplement the insufficiency of learning resources in remote areas; to enhance children’s and youths’ knowledge development and increase their social competitiveness through sufficient learning resources, including books, videos, board games, and more.
2)To conform to the City’s Second Official Language Action Plan, 20% of the purchased books, video, and audio teaching materials should be related to English learning so as to enhance the English learning environment for children and youths in remote areas.

  1. Establishment of community musical bands for children and youths

1)To establish community musical bands, such as taiko drum, ukulele, guitar, etc.

2)To build children’s and youths’ self-confidence and cooperative spirit, and to enhance their social competitiveness through music learning and ensemble playing.

3)To conform to the City’s Second Official Language Action Plan, those musical bands should practice performing at least two English songs and sing them, so English learning comes naturally.

  1.  Establishment of art and English Classrooms for children and youths

1)To help establish art and English classrooms, offering options such as dancing, drawing, calligraphy, POP graphic writing, English for fun, etc.

2)To cultivate children’s and youths’ skills in other fields and to further enhance their self-confidence through artistic and English learning.

IV.Locations and content of implementation

Content of Houses of Hope
Corporation Aggregate Jia-tian Community Care Association
Library, ukulele, art class, English for fun
Corporation Aggregate Tainan City Social Care Association
Library, taiko drum, art class, English for fun
Yanshui District Ditougang Community Development Association
Library, Morning Start musical band, handmade art, English for fun
Danei District Qu-xi Community Development Association
Library, ukulele, cooking lessons, English for fun
Tainan County Family Care Association
Library, melodica, art class, English for fun


Contact Information
  • Children welfare : TEL 06-3901475, 06-3901473
  • Youth welfare: TEL 06-2980111, 06-3901475