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1. Elderly welfare

  • The affairs, guidance and verification of the elderly institution
  • Elderly apartment and Ren-Ai house
  • Management, guidance and judgment of the elderly activities center
  • Plan and promotion of the elderly welfare affairs
  • Authorized report for the elderly welfare
  • Subsidy for the elderly welfare
  • Inspection for the elderly welfare
  • Release the living subsidy for the low income elderly
  • Nursing subsidy for the low income elderly
  • Inspect the cash gift of Double-Ninth Festival
  • The improving plan for the residence for the low income elderly
  • All kind of subsidy for the elderly group
  • Subsidy for the special care for the low income elderly
  • Day-care service
  • The institution of elderly school
  • Home care

Contact Information

  • Elderly protection hotline:06-2159595
  • Home care service and service for the low income elderly:06-2991111 ext 8353
  • Elderly school:06-2158077
  • Elderly welfare institution:06-2991111 ext 8562
  • Meal delivery and day-care service:06-2991111 ext 8486